Does Semantic Error Chapter 80 make you cry?

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Semantic error chapter 80 has garnered all the attention in the Cybernet. If you know why then we believe that you are a fan of anime series and magna.  On the contrary, if you have yet to learn what we are speaking about then digital pieces would come as a lifesaver. 

So Why is everyone so interested in Semantic error chapter 80? Well, it’s a series that every college student can relate to.  The plot of this manga series revolves around love, family pressure, and a series of suspense that will make you hooked 24/7.

What’s so special about Semantic Error Chapter 80?

This is a series that involves two main characters, a boy named  SangWoo and a girl known as Jaeyoung who study in the same college. The boy is a freshman and the girl is a senior about to graduate within a year. 

When they greeted each other for the first time they did not click at all.  The boy was a shy man and the girl was masculine. So when they bumped into each other inside the college campus, the situation was unfavorable because they both had different character traits.  

Fast forward a few days, there was a cultural event on the university campus which required two top performers of the college to manage the event and to foresee that it would be successful. Both of them were chosen during this event which was held for 5 days. 

These five days were magical for them. Both connected so deeply that they instantly fell in love. As this spirit of love was generated, they started meeting randomly at each other’s house.  One fine day, the boy’s parents caught him kissing her and that’s where the real brawl began. 

Why People Cried Like Infants in Semantic Error Chapter 80?

One simple reason is the betrayal from the woman when her ex returned and the reunification of the both girl and the boy when everything was resolved between them. After the boy’s parents caught him with the girl, they made sure that all contact was dead between them. 

During this time, when women lost all connection with the boy and things started to derail, her boyfriend Samual made a comeback.  She was not interested at first, but since she was so vulnerable and sad,  her ex-boyfriend took this vulnerability and turned it into an advantage. 

The boy got the news that she was happy with her ex and this made him extremely sad and depressed.  The boy made the foolish decision of jumping from a building and attempting suicide.  The boy survived but the result was partial paralysis. He could not move from the body down and his legs did not move. 

Reunited Duo 

When this news spread around the town the girl rushed towards the boy and cried like a river. They both did not speak but exchanged emotions. This was enough to reunite and they promised never to leave each other again. This is the scene where Semantic error chapter 80 ended.


If you have not watched  Semantic error chapter 8 then it’s time you fast-forward the process. The series has plenty of episodes that would make you live, laugh, and frustrate you with anger and resentment. The manga series has all the elements that you need to watch the series on repeat. 
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