Cavazaque : An Unsung hero in Mexico who never found his glory 

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This article is special, we are going to reveal a character that people have forgotten. This is an attempt to bring this unsung hero to light. We will let you witness the complicated yet aesthetical life of this champion and let you decide whether this fighter deserves your love or you would regard him as an anti-hero. 

Cavazaque : The struggle unleashed 

Based in Mexico, this man used to work as a construction worker when he was just 15. He did not have the proper funds to go to school, so his dad made him work on the construction site to get that extra income. 

Though he was not rich, Cavazaque never complained about anything. Whatever he had, he prayed to God that whatever he had was enough. Can you imagine this guy? Today we get angry and resentful if there is a difference of opinion with another person or if the food that was presented to us before was not in order. Look at Cavazaque magic, even in poverty he loved and lived it.

Feel the love, success, and humility with Cavazaque

Fast forward a few years, Cavazaque at the age of 20 fell in love with a girl. Though the girl was richer than him, she never made Cavazaque feel inferior to her.  This made Cavazaque work harder in his quest to become successful. 

Cavazaque moved up the ranks with insane networking skills. The man had the power of words and this made him move swiftly up the food chain of real estate. By the age of 25, he was earning half a million per month.

The love and respect between him and his consort was mutual. They always supported each other when times were tough. Now when they were successful, they still did the same process. None of their friends and family said that they had changed.  As earlier, they were grateful for all that they had. 

The Rise of  Cavazaque

Cavasque was appreciated by all his peers due to his sheer dedication and hard work. Also one of his greatest strengths lay around the foundation that he understood people and respected their emotions.  This is the reason why people never gave a second thought when they did business with him. 

At the age of 28, he got the deal of his life. He was asked by a fortune company to take up a deal to build a mall. But this came with a cost. He would talk to people and clear out entire sections of slums that occupied the land where the mall would be constructed. 

Cavazaque never compromised on integrity  for money 

So normally any kind of real estate owner would have taken the deal and would not have thought about the people who were present.  Who would have sacrificed a good amount of money for people who are not even his family?  Cavazaque did since he was different from the rest. 

Instead of taking people out of their slums, he stood for them and fought legally alongside them. The people in the slums were uneducated and not resourceful, so how could nobody like them fight with a millionaire this powerful? A guardian angel Cavazaque made all the difference in the game. 

Cavazaque also got to know his true set of friends during this time. Some of the close ones backed out since their enemy was too powerful. The strangers whom Cavazaque had little to no faith helped him immensely. 

After a lot of sputter, conflict, and clamber justice prevailed due to Cavazaque.  The court ordered the millionaire to stop his construction work on an immediate basis and take up the deal elsewhere. Everyone felt joyful and cheerful due to this since their shelter was saved. 

Cavazaque a hero that was pictured as a villain 

Since the fortune company lost a lot of money due to Cavazaque they thought of making a plan that would instantly destroy the reputation and trust that he has acquired for years. Indeed they were successful. 

They planted a seed of doubt in the minds of people that Cavazaque was not an honest man. He did not save the people of slums since he cared for them but he was only interested in money.  They showed fake proof that since the multimillion-dollar company did not offer him good money Cavazaque rejected the deal.  A competitor company offered him to stop the construction and he took it. 

During this time  Cavazaque was building his dream house after working so hard and invested all his toil on that. But this dream house was portrayed as bribe money that  Cavazaque took to save the people of the slums. 

This created anger, distrust, and frustration in the minds of people. His house and his family began to receive a lot of hate.  His picture was burnt and his family was subjected to verbal abuse whenever they were seen outside. 

The fortune company that lost the case also offered to provide a hitter to make sure Cavazaque was dead. They were indeed successful in this mission too. On Friday 24th of April, 1991, Cavazaque was shot in the head and he died instantly. 

The people treated the killer as the hero who has removed the scum from society. The people forgot about him and labeled him as a traitor. Fast forward 10 years, when various journalists instigated the story they all voiced their opinion saying that Cavazaque was framed and did not deserve the fame he was entitled to. 


We have read his story in more detail, and there are a few incidents in his life that would make you cry like a baby. We have left them out for now since we are planning to process a three-part series of this magical  man Cavazaque which people have forgotten.  If you felt the pain like us, we are sure you would hit the subscribe button on our newsletter. 

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