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Are you curious about various mysterious things and the captivating structure of the vessel? Let’s make a wonderful journey through the website cubvh to delve into an unforgettable experience on the vessel New York City including its beautiful structure, the story behind its creation, and many more.

What Is The Vessel?

The vessel is a complex design of a sixteen-story structure shaped like a honeycomb with 154 flights of stairs, 2500 steps, and 80 landings for guests to climb. It is the centrepiece of the five-acre Hudson Yards Public Square, financed by businesses connected to Hudson Yards developers with $200 million is supposed to have been the total cost.

It was constructed as part of the Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project in Manhattan, New York City, USA, as a structure and tourist attraction and built under the British designer Thomas Heartherwick’s blueprints.

How To Make Vessel To The Public?

The vessel concept was unveiled to the public on September 14, 2016. The parts were made in Italy and sent to the US when construction got underway in April 2017. The vessel NYC topped out in December 2017 with the installation of its highest piece, and it opened to the public on March 15, 2019. 

On September 14, 2016, the vessel New York City concept was presented to the general public. With the parts being made in Italy and dispatched to the US, construction started in April 2017. The vessel NYC was completed in December 2017 with the installation of its most elevated component. It was made public on  March 15, 2019. 

Both the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities and Vessel’s restrictive copyright policy regarding photographs of the project drew criticism at first, but both issues were later resolved.

10 Mysterious Things About The Vessel New York City:

One of the biggest mixed-use private real estate developments in American history is located in Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s West Side. One building in the neighbourhood is named “The Vessel” and features a futuristic design. They intended the ship New York to be both a public space and an interactive sculpture.

They wanted to create a monument in Hudson Yards that drew attention from viewers without dominating the other structures. It’s a social hub for neighbourhood people and the general public. It is intentionally possible to view the 360-degree structure from most locations within Hudson Yards.

1. Massive Structure: The vessel NYC is designed with 154 interconnecting flights of stairs that have almost 2500 individual steps and 80 landings. The staircases were made of bronzed steel and concrete, offering a remarkable view of New York City.

2. Limited Footprint: It was created with fewer footprints to avoid confusion at the entrance. It has a diameter of 50 feet at the base and extends to 150 feet at its 6-story peak to grow vertically.

3. Influenced by ancient Indian culture: The design of the world-renowned step wells of Rajasthan in India influenced the Heartherwick studio with a mesmerizing visual effect due to their repeating steps, flights, and landings captivated them.

4. Balanced design: The structural design appears to be mostly staircases and has concealed ramps and elevators. Hence, it follows the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

5. Imported fabrication: The vessel New York is 16 stories high and made with beautiful raw welded and painted copper-like steel. This important material was imported from a specialist steel fabricator in Venice, Italy. 

6. The noble cause behind the concept: The business needed a signature that would draw attention from all over the world because of the extreme competition. They wanted to compare the vessel to the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre to design a 365-day-a-year Christmas tree and every person who visited it had to come to Hudson Yards.

7. Unusable materials utilization: Their sole purpose was to make the experience more interactive for the people. The reflective copper-coloured steel acts as a mirror reflecting people standing or walking below the ground of the public square. Moreover, the concrete creates an urban environment.

8. A blend of reviews: The design was critically appreciated and made fun of. Some people think of it as a monument to excess, some others compare it to a wastepaper basket, drinking glasses, shawarma and more.

9. The unnatural name: “The vessel” is not the actual name of the structure and the official name to be announced later by voting for one from the list of the best-suggested names.

10. The mysterious project: The developers implemented several steps to ensure that the final design of the Vessel New York remained a secret and wasn’t revealed before it opened. 

To conceal it for this reason, they built a 20-foot fence around the steelworks in northwest Italy. This is where the vessel’s skeleton was being built. They gradually imported every component to the United States. Then they were floated to the building site by tugboats along the Hudson River in New York.

10 Longest Vessel In The World:

  1. Prelude  FLNG (Floating Liquefied Natural Gas)
  2. Pioneering Spirit
  3. The Valemax Class
  4. The Seawise Giant
  5. The TI Class Supertankers
  6. The MSC GulSun
  7. Oasis-class cruise liner
  8. MOL Triumph
  9. Maersk Tripple E class
  10. Emma Maersk.


The honeycomb-like structure of the vessel New York City at the Hudson Yards in New York City is a unique piece of architecture in the world. If you are visiting New York City, you must take a ticket to catch sunrise during open hours of operation. Hope, you can spend enough time, just gazing at the sun setting and don’t have a time limit of how long you can stay at the vessel!

It is the time of relaxing and going there with your loved ones and just hanging out. We can expect that you have visited the website cubvh to discover this kind of captivating content. Share your thoughts with us, check out more of this variety of elements, and keep in touch.


In which place is the Vessel NYC located?

The vessel NYC is located on the west side of New York City between 10th and 11th Avenue, right by the shops and restaurants at the Hudson Yards.

What time does the vessel open?

The vessel is open every Monday to Saturday from 10 AM to 8 PM and on Sunday from 11 AM to 7 PM.

How long is the Seawise Giant?

The length of the longest vessel in the world Seawise Giant is approximately 458.46 meters or 1504 feet.

Is the vessel free to visit?

Visiting the vessel is free but you have to purchase the ticket to enter into it.

Which is considered the longest vessel in the world?

As of 2024, the Seawise Giant is considered the longest vessel in the world which was built in 1979 at the Oppama shipyard in Japan.

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