Data Insights at your fingerprints: understanding Mobile Tracker App analytics

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Getting a spy or mobile tracker app for keeping kids safe or for work-related purposes is an old story. Now, the tools are used for many other interesting purposes thanks to the diverse features offered by these tools. Users can enjoy the features and services offered by mobile tracking or computer monitoring software in many ways. The reason is that just like any other tool or modern invention, this technology has evolved. More and more apps are being introduced to the market. Similarly, the nature of features and usage of such tools also change and evolve with time. 

The common man now uses a mobile tracker app that was once considered a tool strictly for a specific group of people. Parental control and employee monitoring have risen in the past few years. But now, various features are used for multiple purposes like business monitoring, managing, etc. These apps give detailed insights about the target gadget data, which can be used for successful analytics in many ways. If you want a better understanding of mobile app analytics, we are here to give you insights about the app’s usage and more. 

How Much Time is Spent on Screen:

If you are curious about the overall screen time of the target, then the mobile tracker app is the right tool choice for you. The app offers screen monitoring features that report screen time in detail. All the screen alerts come with date and time information so you can know about the target’s average time spent on the screens. 

For Which Activity the Target Gadget is Used the Most:

Besides screen time, the user can also remotely know the screen activity details. Thus, an best phone spying app can let you know if your kid spends too much time playing violent games or browsing the internet. Employers can use the same feature to know about the overall screen activities so the employees can work hours. Track the screen activities and take immediate and necessary action to put the situation under control.

Are They Spending Too Much Time on Facebook:

The Facebook screen recording feature lets users know if the target is spending too much time on Facebook. The detailed report about Facebook activities contains everything a user wants to know. The detailed analytics of Facebook can be helpful for parents and business person are curious about kids’ online activities or official campaigns. 

How Many Times Instagram App Is Used Per Day:

The mobile tracker app can tell you how often the target clicks on any app like Instagram. You can know about any of your kid’s obsessions with the photo-sharing app and can guide them accordingly. The same feature can be used during working hours to notice the employees’ use of personal accounts during official hours.  

Do the Target Have More Strangers Added to Snapchat:

Have remote access to the target Snapchat account and know about the contacts and content in detail. You can see what type of people are added to the list and what kind of content the target and company share through Snapchat. 

How Many WhatsApp Groups Are Joined by the Target:

A good mobile tracker covers all the popular social media platforms in detail. For example, users can know about the WhatsApp group numbers and members of the target account with the help of the WhatsApp screen recording feature. Even the content shared through private and group chat can be remotely monitored easily with the help of the spy app. 

What is the Average Call log Data per day?

Get to know about all the incoming and outgoing call log details with the call log feature. You can even listen to any call, and the tool also offers call recording features.

A mobile tracker app is the best tool to manage and monitor the digital activities of the target professionally. The apps with stealth mode, like TheOneSpy or OgyMogy, are the best as they work silently in the background. The target remains unaware of the installation of the app. Thus, parents or employers can easily use the services offered by these apps for legal purposes. Remember that only company-owned devices should be used to keep an eye on the work-related activities of the employees.

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