A Comprehensive Guide of Biometric Iris Scan in Digital Landscape

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AI-powered technology is now famous as an effective authentication and identification solution. As per the market and market report, in 2019, the size of the iris scan was $2.3 billion and is anticipated to reach $4.3 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 13.2%. However, this information shows that iris recognition is contactless and provides an advanced authentication technique. 

Iris scams have distinctive behavioral characteristics as it detects the unique pattern of the human eyes. This blog covers all the aspects of biometric iris scanners, how they operate, and what their benefits are. 

Iris Scan: What It Is and How Does it Work? 

A biometric iris scanner is a gadget that takes the unique iris patterns through infrared light as it can detect 250 features. Every eye is unique and has different iris shapes, eyelids, and lashes. Moreover, the iris color and pattern can easily encode all the data in the iris. This advanced technique can be compared to pre-stored templates in a data warehouse for authentication and identification purposes. 

Biometric templates and encoded structural features are preserved in the biometric user database at the time of onboarding any individual. This AI-powered system automatically authenticates when an individual tries to compare the user’s iris sample with the stored images in the database, granting access if the match is authentic. 

In Which Industries Is Iris Scanner Being Used? 

Iris scan is being widely used in different industries as the private and public sectors integrate the existing safety systems to access their surveillance systems efficiently. 

Banking and Finance 

Financial companies and banks have a massive amount of financial information, so they should have robust authentication methods to improve the financial process and technologies that are immune to fraud. Moreover, the iris recognition system was adopted by financial firms and banks to replace the conventional card and password-based systems. 

The iris recognition usage improves the double standards of accounting and financial services as bankers are relieved from the time-intensive user onboarding procedure. That’s how bankers can have ample time and opportunities to focus on other essential areas like customer service. 


Healthcare facilities provide many advantages, as it is vital to create robust patient verification systems, avoiding fraud, duplicate medical records, and any confusion. Biometric iris scans reduce the work of healthcare employees and easily track repetitive treatment, patient registration, and scheduling or checkup arrangements. Moreover, the importance of the iris scanner in the healthcare industry is not fully defined without proving its role in safeguarding electronic health records (EHR). 

This advanced system ensures that iris scanner technology provides an accurate record every time. This also removes the possibility if someone impersonating someone just for the sake of their benefit. Furthermore, it secures users from being a victim of fraud in the medical field, so it lessens the chances of human errors specifically for patients with the same name. 

Citizen Identification

The first step is enrollment, which secures and provides authentic figures of the population by accurately registering them. This is how they build identity infrastructure, as many countries globally are dependent on biometric iris scans to enter their citizen’ essential details. Major countries such as India use a combination of iris and fingerprint recognition to intensify the enrollment process. Hence, it helps the government to make sure that transparent and fair work can take place in different welfare schemes. 

Immigration and Border Control 

The safety of airports and international borders is essential in every country, as Canada, the U.S., and London have already implemented this advanced technology to reduce cyber crimes. Iris scanning provides a high level of security at airports and improves seamless user experience to strengthen their relationship. 

By implementing iris technology, travelers can quickly clear their immigration process without any delay or passport. Therefore, it can grant quick access to airport staff to enter to the restricted premises without any delay. 

Billing and Payment

The Internet world is transforming rapidly with the rise of digitalization, so restaurants, shopping malls, and retailers can employ point-of-sale devices that provide a secure environment. 

Final Verdict 

Iris scan provides several benefits in the authentication and identification process. This technology has matured from practical to the process by delivering all the possible aspects such as simplicity, reliability, and convenience. During COVID-19, remote work surges so do the scams of fraudsters. The contactless nature of this advanced technology has also boosted its global demand. 

The designers and manufacturers of this technology are making efforts to enhance recognition in non-invasive scenes by enhancing sensors and integrating with other models. Hence, firms can implement advanced technology to boost the efficiency of employees and firms.

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